Dex Money Market

The Dex Money Market is an algorithmic protocol with yield generating auto compounded strategies and ETF rewards. Our unique protocol offers a single regulatory pool which controls the price of $USDEX and thus removes the need for bonding in this sense. The money market consists of two corresponding tokens – USDEX &  DEX SHARES

USDEX (part of a multi-token token system) is an algorithmic stable coin with a built-in stability mechanism that aims to maintain it’s price to 1 USDC token and used as a medium of exchange.

dexSHARE is a measure of value in the Money Market Protocol. dexSHARE holders have voting rights (governance) on proposals to improve the protocol and future use cases within the Money Market protocol.




Auto Compounded Strategies

We’ve added multistep auto compounded strategies, which enable investors to simply stake a strategy and receive a single receipt token rather than manually having to navigate in and out of multiple farming/staking pools.


ETF Rewards

We’ve built in a portion of the emissions to be distributed in a 3rd currency (dexETF), thereby relieving some of the selling pressure caused by the high APR. A portion of the ETF fund will include dexIRA along with Money Market tokens.


Bonding Mechanisms

A bonding mechanism is used to allow investors to purchase Money Market tokens at a discount by buying with a preselected list of currencies, including dexIRA & dexETF (thereby creating consistent buy pressure for tokens within the DEX ecosystem). Purchased bonds will be vested out over a multi-day period.