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DEX Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) providing an ecosystem of financial products that aims at providing safe and sustainable yields. Our core products consist of the DEX Money Market, dexIRA & dexETF.

Long-term investment solutions

Yield generating auto compounded strategies

Non-custodial crypto management protocols

Dex Money Market

Now Live!

Dex Products

From long term investment vehicles to high yield emission based tokens, Dex Finance offers options for a wide variety of investors. Our unique protocols utilize custom-built technology unrivaled by our competitors.

Fully automated BNB redistribution, multi-currency dividend rewards, advanced buyback protocols, and tokenomics that promote long-term holding and wealth generation.

USDEX (part of a multi-token token system) is an algorithmic stable coin with a built-in stability mechanism that aims to maintain its price to 1 USDC token and is used as a medium of exchange.

dexSHARE is a measure of value in the Money Market Protocol. dexSHARE holders have voting rights (governance) on proposals to improve the protocol and future use cases within the Money Market protocol.

dexETF is a non-custodial crypto management protocol. Invest in multiple assets regardless of your knowledge or skill level with the market’s leading cryptocurrencies hand crafted by our experts.


Money Market AMA

In this AMA we take a deep dive into the Money Market protocol as we explain the intricacies of the new peg regulation, functions of our treasury and more!

Thanks again to our friends at House of Obsidian for hosting us!

Helpful links covered in this AMA:



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About the Team

Our team consists of software engineers, marketing professionals, trading experts, and legal personnel. Our core members even own and operate a full stack media company that provides services including everything from web development to media production and digital marketing. This gives us a very unique advantage within the space. 

Collectively we have more than 40 years of experience in technology-based businesses. Now on our second (and third) crypto project, we are excited to share Dex Finance with you! 

We are always available to answer questions. Please feel free to reach out!

C.E.O. & Co-Founder

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